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The strength of our chapter comes from the skill, vigor and enthusiasm of its members. But its success springs from the ability to adapt and improve to meet the needs of a changing industry in an ever evolving political and economic environment. The Empire State Associtation of Minorty Contractor's mission is:

  • To serve upstate New York minority men and women members by promoting skill, integrity and responsibility of those who build.
  • To promote excellence, opportunity and growth for minority contractors by engaging in activities related to the construction industry.
  • Bring about wider procurement and business opportunities, shaping emerging industry issues and trends, honing contractor business practices from the office to the job trailer which will improve the bottom lines.
  • Capacity building by promoting economic and legal interest of minority contractor firms, collaboration and Strategic Alliances by reducing and removing the barriers to full equality for minority contractor firms.
  • We will build government and legislative advocacy by advocating laws and government actions for minority contractors while creating leadership and development by building bridges between minority contractors and entities that they work with

ESAMC is a membership organization dedicated to furthering the agenda for minority contractors, improving job site safety, expanding the use of cutting edge technologies and techniques while strengthening the dialogue between general contractors and owners. Through member surveys and thorough dialogue with key upstate constituencies the association will gather important information on the issues and priorities it should address now and glean feedback on how best to position itself for the future. Our greater focus will be to evolve into a more effective structure, building stronger partnerships and making sure that all members will fully benefit from their involvement. ESAMC must stay focused on successfully confronting industry challenges while developing new opportunities for contractor members. We will continually evaluate our full range of activities and services to determine whether they are delivering the greatest benefit for members. In addition we shall boost involvement in political action to further strengthen the associations voice in state and local politics while at the same time increase the opportunities for members to share the lessons of their success and learn from other innovative contractors.

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