Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits | The Empire State Association of Minority Contractors Inc.

ESAMC will provide your business with a link to National, State and local politics. ESAMC will efficiently and effectively work to promote the minority interest in legislation, regulations and politics. We will be your political representative at the local, state and national levels. Upstate will meet with lawmakers in city, county, state and federal positions and assist candidates who are in alignment with minority contractors issues. We will review legislative issues, laws and regulations with emphasis on new bills issued. A contractor who needs guidance and leadership on legal and regulatory issues has access to Upstate staff. You are supporting an organization that will ensure that government officials, key decision makers and the general public at large are educated about our issues that impact the community. 

You will have access to high quality training and educational programs including safety, craft specific, management and accredited apprentice training. 

ESAMC helps you increase productivity, develop stronger management skills and obtain procurement opportunities to grow your business through:

  • Networking with vast range of construction professionals
  • Referrals to General Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Government Officials and State Agencies.
  • Contract opportunities by website of jobs/bids to members
  • Training packages and workshops
  • A legislative voice
  • Build your business through networking
  • Receive council for all of your labor needs
  • Protect your right to do business through lobbying , PAC and representation
  • Train your workforce
  • Safety resource
  • Market your company
  • Socialize with your peers

Education and Training

Education is a vital component of the careers of the construction workforce. Our goal is to assist our members in the growth and development of their workforce by empowering them to compete in the construction market place. ESAMC will offer the following training coursework and curriculum:

  • Accredited Training Sponsor (National Center for Construction Education and Research)
  • NCCER Contren Training

ESAMC offers a comprehensive program for people who want to learn the construction industry. We offer contractors educational opportunities to hone their skills and the lay persons the hands on and classroom work that provides a skill set from the building of foundations to estimating and project management.

As a contractor, Safety Training is an Important aspect of your business whether you have a fulltime safety professional or not.

  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 20
  • First Aid/ CPR

A safe work environment equates to more money in your pocket for lower worker compensation rates and out of pocket expenses for accidents. Successful competition is a team effort and like a chain, the contractors team is only as strong as its weakest link. That makes it very important for all team members to be given the opportunity to stretch and grow in the area of their job responsibility. These courses will help with reaching that goal:

  • Labor Relations
  • AsbestosLead
  • Hazwoper
  • Harassment prevention
  • Management Education
  • Crew Leader
  • Project Supervision
  • Project management
  • Journey level Assessments accredited through National Center for Construction Education and Research

National Craft and Assessment and Certification and Certification Program (NCACP) which evaluates journey level knowledge and skills experienced craft professionals and provides a training prescription to upgrade training. Not only does NCACP provide contractors with an effective tool to evaluate the skills and productivity of their workforce, it allows owners to achieve higher quality construction with increased cost effectiveness. Certifications of individuals qualifications are tracked through NCCER National™ registry Credentials including; certified performance verified and certified plus.

These industry credentials give employers confidence in the craft professionals skills, knowledge and desire for continuous improvement.


  • Develop a model enhanced partnering agreement to establish new incentives for members to deliver products and programs while working with leaderships to develop effective ways for development and build on key strengths.
  • ESAMC will engage the construction community as a representative voice and champion for the concerns and interest of minorities in the construction industry
  • Establish business relationships with major construction firms and construction industry professionals across state and counties, to promote opportunity and inclusion for minority and women contractor firms. While at the same time, building capacity of its members through education, training, economic and business development in collaboration with strategic public and private partners.

Legal and Advocacy

  • Advocate with government officials on legislative and regulator issues that affect minority contractors in the construction industry.


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